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Each employee is assigned a dedicated case handler, and our online system gives you full access to your employees’ treatment, as well as specialist progress reports as and when you need them so you can monitor their recovery.

We are the direct link between your patient and the treatment they require. Our managed nationwide network of hospitals and specialists give your employees access to the medical coverage they need to get back to work and enables companies to focus on core business matters. Using our online portal, we pinpoint the most appropriate provider in terms of specialism and geographical proximity to ensure they aren’t kept waiting.


From X-Rays to MRI scans, our experienced team can assist your organisation with all your diagnostic imaging needs.

GP Services

Through our unique GP Verification Service, we can provide access to a GP within five days of instruction.  

Physical & Psychological Therapy

Our team of case handlers are available to assist your organisation in scheduling a programme to help your employees get back on their feet. 


We can identify any health issues which could affect the health and well-being of an employee in the workplace and advise any measures which can be put in place to mitigate the impact.

Consultation & Surgery

Initiating a conversation about health can be a daunting prospect. By utilising our services, you and your employees will have managed access to our extensive network of registered consultants and specialists, working in some of the most prominent private hospitals and clinics throughout the UK, to investigate and discuss your employee’s condition. 

Other Services

Where we have not agreed a fixed price structure, we will provide an estimate for all treatment.