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It can often take weeks for an employee to be seen by their GP, with subsequent treatment referrals taking months under the NHS.  Through our unique GP Verification Service, we can provide access to a GP within five days of instruction.  If further intervention is required, your employee will be seen within our agreed SLA terms thereafter, vastly reducing waiting times and absenteeism.  

GP Services Available

UKS offer a video clarification consultation where the GP would be able to confirm with the client what investigative procedure had been recommended (Xray, MRI, CT, etc) and which area was to be scanned (e.g a knee) and which side.  This would involve a 5-10 minute video call.

The GP would have to be certain that the client was able to confirm the details as supplied on the request form and was also sure of the type of investigative procedure discussed.

The doctor would then confirm by e-mail that the request was correct.

Our longer consultation would be required when the GP might need to take a history from the client, discuss their current position and give an opinion e.g. if rehabilitation would be helpful, or if the client required formal examination.

The GP would produce a short summary of the consultation. UKS will provide a quotation for any recommended treatment.

This will involve a 10-20 minute video consultation and a short report.